Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nuts Landing

I need to take a break from my steps right now.  I am going nuts.  I need a breather.  Today is officially two weeks sugar free- it feels like an eternity.  I have found enjoyment by living vicariously through others.  I figure if I can't eat it, I may as well help other people enjoy it.  

"Hold out your hand!"  Squirt.  Mmmm.
"Now the other one!"  Squirt.  Mmmm.  
I take pure enjoyment as I spray that can of whipped cream into my niece's little hand.  Am I being a great aunt or just passing on my addiction to the next generation?!  I am going to stick with best aunt ever.  

It was after this that I had a breakdown; where I thought I was going to cave in.  I have the text messages in front of me as evidence to myself that I am nuts. 

I want to eat sugar again.
I only live once! Why should I be deprived of what I really like!?

Surprisingly, it was this blog experience that kept me from making out with the nozzle of the whipped cream can.  I now have a large group of people to which I have made myself accountable.  People who will say "hey, what happened, I thought you weren't eating sugar?".  I hate and love you all at the same time.

As they say on Intervention  "Secrets keep people sick".  My secret is out to you all.  I am getting well.

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