Monday, May 9, 2011

Relapse...well, almost

When you have a little one in tow, it is very rare that you go  out to eat.  It is just way too much effort.  I think that my few days of sugar-free BS lead me to believe that I had the energy to take this one on. 
 We sit down, we prep ourselves for the worst case scenario.  Each parent armed with a pacifier, food, and a bag full of toys to exchange out with every 1 year old ADD minute that passes.  Ok, we are doing it.  So far so good!  
I was so focused on this zone action strategy that I didn't see what was coming next.  It was not the little boy across the table I needed to worry about.  It was the the little flap across the menu from the appetizers and salads.  There it was, in all its glory...the dessert menu.  
Let the rationalization games begin!!    It's Mother's Day, I deserve this.  I only live once, I deserve this.  I haven't had sugar in 4 days, way to go!  I deserve this.
Little did I know that what I thought would be the downfall of the public lunch, was what saved me.  I got so distracted by the pleas of "Let me get out of my seat Mommy!" that I, for once in my life, forgot about the dessert.  I've got my dessert right here, tugging at my leg.
Happy Mother's day to my mom and to all moms.

Step 3:
 Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of god as we understand Him...I understand him as a pint-sized man holding a tonka truck with the ability to make me do whatever he wants me to.

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